Thursday, September 12, 2013

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Damien would leave his art and the exquisite suffering on the canvas for those few who were capable of appreciating it. As for the naked boy—only the artist would be allowed to relish that lovely body. He smiled as anticipation mixed with recollections.

Muse - Iyana Jenna

Elijah Wood has been my muse for a long time. I found him very beautiful and he is very expressive. He looked just like an angel to me. He still does. And he was my inspiration for Julien in my short story, Muse.

This is from his new movie, Maniac.

Ladies and gentlemen, my beautiful angel and muse, Elijah Wood.

This Saturday, I will release Muse. Please leave comment to this post and you will be entered into a draw to get a free copy of my short story.


Time flew by as Damien indulged himself in his daydream. It gave him inspiration—that little bit of edge that made people gasp when they first saw his work. He was done now. The first painting of Julien was complete. The boy hung beautifully from the sky, like an angel with white clouds around him and crimson blood covering his body; a perfect angel, being punished by the
invisible hands of the gods, about to receive their last, dispassionate verdict—with complete and exquisite submission.
Damien put down his brushes and stepped back, catching his breath as the full impact of the painting hit him.
It was his masterpiece.
“You should remember, son. There is nothing more important than a brilliant painting. They won’t look at you or your work twice if it’s less than dazzling. Do you understand?”
Damien only stared at his old man; his eyes widened, trembling, watery. He pressed an arm against his abdomen. It would bruise later, but he understood his papa had only done that for his own good, to make him a good painter. No, scratch that-the best artist. Better than his own father if that was possible.

He knew now he’d become one.

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  1. Elijah Wood is a cutie bless him!

    Muse sounds.... different. It has intrigued me! Good luck for release day!


    1. Thank you so much, Dee. And Elijah is really cute. :D

  2. i adored elijah in the hobbit :)

    1. His Frodo is totally lovely. :) Thank you!

  3. Maybe an unusual muse to some but if he works for you that's all that matters.

    1. He is so beautiful. :)

      Thank you for coming by!

    2. Hi! You won my story. May I know your email? :)