Sunday, April 6, 2014

Authors in Bloom Blog Hop

Welcome to Authors in Bloom Blog Hop! Thank you, Dianne Vennetta, for organizing it.

So, in this hop, we're supposed to give gardening tips or recipes. Well, I'm not really good in gardening. I, like what people say, don't have a green thumb. I've never really been successful every time I plant something. The best I did was probably when I planted my bougainvillea (or Kembang Kertas in my native language). It wasn't very leafy but at least I got to have some flowers. :D

As for some gardening tips, I just got one from a friend. She said to make our plants grow well, I could mix something in the fertilizers, such as the used tea from the tea bag, coffee, leftover food (the spoiled one is okay), seasonings, even tablets or medicine. They will make your plants grow more leaves and flowers. I haven't tried it myself but several other friends agree to that.

Hope it can be useful for you!

Now this story of mine has no gardening in it but it's domestic enough and I hope the men in the story will do it soon. :)

Jesse Gray can’t get more unlucky. His roommate left him and he gets kicked out when he can’t afford the rent. Next, the owner of the fast food joint where he works part-time suddenly tells him he no longer works there. Jesse still has a job as a PA on a movie set but the pay will never be enough to afford even the cheapest room in Hollywood. There’s only one place left to stay the night -- in the park.

Trey Miller is the star on a TV series where Jesse works. They bump into each other one night while leaving the set, and Trey thinks Jesse is much too good-looking to only be a PA. When he learns of Jesse’s financial condition, he offers a place to stay at his house. Having no other options, Jesse reluctantly accepts the offer, but what’s the catch?


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  3. When I am "gardening" I like to run my fingernails over a bar of soap so I will not get dirt under them.

  4. Thank you for the chance!

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  5. Jumping off the cliff can be terrifying, but the rush and the beutiful view from the bottom of the spring as you rise to the surface is worth it. It sounds to me like you need to follow the dream. I waited until I retired, but time moves fast. Do it if you can. Best of luck!!!

  6. I love participating in these blog hops~ I always come away with a longer TBR as well as new bloggers added to my Bloglovin’ feed :)

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  7. I love gardening and playing in the soil. I find it relaxing.
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  8. Nice tip
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  9. Hi, thanks for being in the hop.

  10. I spent most of the day in my garden today :). Still not planting, but getting it ready for flowers. PA winters are hard on my poor yard lol

  11. Thanks for the gardening tips! :)
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  13. Thanks for your participation in the hop. I can use those gardening tips!!!!!


  14. I'm not a gardener either. My mother always had beautiful house plants. I don't even have good luck with those! Artificial plants even run for cover when they see me coming!

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  15. Thank you for being part of the hop... I have a semi green thumb I can grow something but not all... thanks for the tips.

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  18. I haven't tried gardening yet.
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  19. Hi! Great post! Ive tried gardening. Im not very good at it. All the plants i try to grow die. Thank you for sharing! :)
    ​And ​thank you for being apart of this awesome hop!