Friday, August 29, 2014

Five Interesting Things

This is originally a Facebook meme but I put here too because it's quite long and I guess it is an awesome way to tell you more about me. :) I was tagged by Kathy Kyle McFarland at that time.

So here are the five things.

1. My family once lived out of Jakarta in a city called Jayapura for four years. I was about nine years old when we moved there and I'd say it was the best years to me. I loved the place where we lived, my schools, my friends, the beach where we usually went on Sunday, the fact that our house was up on the slope on the hill yet our windows faced the bay where we also could see the light from the lighthouse at night. I loved our front yard where we usually played badminton, a teeny bitty piece of soil where I played gardening, and the climbing street in front of our house. The loveliness of the place will always stay in my memory because I visited it a while ago and everything has changed. I couldn't help but cry.

2. I guess I'm not to good in facing changes. I'm a kind of person who can stay long in my comfort zone and I don't mind that. Someone told me that I wouldn't be here if I hate changes, though. Yeah, this kind of changes, me being with you certainly feels amazing and I'm still amazed myself.

3. I'm an obsessed-type of person. When I like someone, an actor for example, I will find every single appearance of his out there. And I will stay with him for as long as I still like him, until I like another person/thing. Some people I've been obsessed with are Elijah Wood, Jensen Ackles, Van Hansis, Richard Armitage, and many more.

4. The picture below shows another corner in my cubicle. Let's see if you know whose pictures I have there, or the kind of food and drink. Heheh. I love my corner!


5. This last one is actually a secret and only the people I allow to touch my head can really feel it. Huh? Hee. There is a small valley on my head. It's covered by my hair, of course. You have to touch it if you don't believe me. Heheh.

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