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In the spotlight: LM Somerton

Book Name: Tales From The Edge (Reaching the Edge, Living on the Edge, Dancing on the Edge, A Double-Edged Sword)
Author Name: LM Somerton
Author Bio: L M lives in a small village in the English countryside, surrounded by rolling hills, cows and sheep. She started writing to fill time between jobs and is now firmly and unashamedly addicted.
She loves the English weather, especially the rain, and adores a thunderstorm. She loves good food, warm company and a crackling fire. She's fascinated by the psychology of relationships, especially between men, and her stories contain some subtle (and not so subtle) leanings towards BDSM.
Author Links:
Twitter: @lmsomerton
Cover Artist: Emmy Ellis
Publisher: Totally Bound
Blurb(s): The Edge is a training company with a difference. Its weekend clients come for classes in bondage and domination, not team building and problem solving.
The management, staff and customers of The Edge do not lead boring lives. In fact they have a habit of getting themselves into all kinds of trouble. Put Dominant, possessive alpha males together with bratty, loveable submissives and sparks are bound to fly. These Tales from The Edge are their stories.

Reaching the Edge:
When you reach the edge, you can't avoid taking a leap of faith.
Joe Dexter leads a complicated life. In one world he is a consultant criminal psychologist—in another he runs The Edge, a successful corporate training company. He's also an active Dom in the London BDSM scene.
A social call to The Underground, a club owned by an old friend, turns into much more when Joe is introduced to a prospective sub. Falling hard for the boy's tumbling blonde curls, huge blue eyes and desperate need for protection, Joe carefully coaxes him out of his shell. By the end of an intense weekend, unbreakable bonds have been forged and Joe is well on the way to becoming Olly's Master.
Joe knows that there is trauma in Olly's past, but it is not until his professional and private lives collide that Joe discovers the truth. He knows he shouldn't have let Olly out of his sight but it's too late—Olly's old Master is back on the scene and he's not in the mood to forgive and forget.
With Olly's life on the line, Joe risks everything to save him. Has Joe found his perfect submissive only to lose him in a horrible twist of fate, or will love win the day? They've reached the edge and there's no avoiding a leap of faith.

Living on the Edge:
Sometimes it takes willpower to resist temptation but courage to give in.
Aiden Keller is a brilliant and intriguing young man. When he's convicted of hacking, his sentence takes him to The Edge, a high-end corporate training company with a mysterious sideline. There he is given into the custody of its owner, the enigmatic and demanding Heath Anders, and his business partner Joe Dexter.
From the moment Heath takes charge of Aiden he recognises the boy's submissive nature, even though it is well hidden beneath a veneer of snarky attitude. But for twelve months, Aiden will be his responsibility and Heath cannot allow himself to get involved whilst the boy is obliged to obey him.
Aiden settles into his new life with the help of Olly, Joe's pretty, submissive boyfriend, who is very perceptive when it comes to noticing the sparks of attraction flying between Aiden and Heath. Slowly and gently, he teaches Aiden that submission is not a weakness and to accept his desire to be dominated.
Unable to resist, Heath starts to test Aiden's willingness to be obedient, and against all the odds, love (and lust) start to bloom. Aiden, however, is not quite what he seems and his past is about to endanger all their lives.

Dancing on the Edge:
Life is a dance. Whether you lead or follow, the passion of it should sweep you away.
Carey and Alistair have the kind of relationship that is the envy of their friends. Carey is an old-fashioned Dom who appreciates quiet obedience. Alistair is a sub who is comfortable in his skin and finds peace in his submission. Needless to say, their happiness is too good to last.
When Alistair's powerful father chooses his reputation over his son, all hell is let loose. Forcibly committed to a clinic for reversion therapy, Alistair can only hope that his lover will save him.
Carey calls on his friends from The Edge and they band together not just to rescue Alistair but also to protect his future. They've all flirted with danger in the past—but friendship is worth any risk. As the tension mounts and the stakes get higher, new bonds are forged but will Carey and Alistair's love survive?

A Double-Edged Sword:
How do you stay standing when the ground is torn from beneath your feet?
Becket and Christian are taking the first, tentative steps towards the committed D/s relationship they both crave when the world literally explodes around them. In a frightening reversal of roles, Becket has to deal with his own vulnerability and Christian must find the strength to take care of his Dom. With the help of their friends at The Edge, the two men come to realise that dominance and submission cannot be switched on and off.
Events that could have ended in tragedy provide the catalyst that affirms their trust in each other, but there are still questions to answer. Is the safe path always the right one to take? Is control simply a state of mind?
One thing’s for certain, life’s too short for compromise


From ‘Dancing on the Edge'

A low buzzing sound started up, which was interesting enough to attract Alistair’s attention. He turned his head curiously. Carey was holding the handle of a flexible wand that ended with a vibrating metal lozenge about five inches long and an inch round. Alistair didn’t have any time to wonder what Carey was going to do with it. The metal touched his nipple and sent vibrations shooting through his body. It was the most agonising pleasure. His back arched and he jerked his hips, desperate for some friction against his swollen cock, but there was nothing but air. No relief. The wand moved to his other nipple and he cried out desperately.
There was a moment’s respite as Carey moved the wand away, but the sound continued. Carey hadn’t switched it off, he was moving lower down Alistair’s body. Realising what was about to happen, Alistair thrashed as much as the chains would allow. It did him no good. The wand touched the tip of his cock and the lightning bolt of pleasure shorted every nerve in his body. Carey moved the wand away again, but the relief was fleeting. As soon as Alistair’s breathing had slowed to a normal rate rather than the kind of hyperventilation that usually required a brown paper bag, Carey touched him again. This time Alistair screamed. His balls drew up tightly, but the leather thongs prevented any release. Every muscle in his body, from the neck down, tensed. He sobbed and panted, incoherent words slipping from his mouth of their own volition. He felt the weight of Carey’s hand against his stomach, holding him down, then the wand made contact again. A silent scream chorded his throat and his vision blackened around the edges. It was too much.
Alistair had no idea how long the sweet torture continued. There was no rhyme or reason to it, no rhythm that would allow him to prepare himself. Sometimes Carey would touch him over and over again—sometimes he held the wand against his flesh until his tears ran freely. Then there would be a pause and merciful quiet for several minutes before it all started again. At some point Alistair lost the ability to think at all. He forgot where he was, even who he was. There was just the agonising sensation of being desperate to come but not being able. He was hot, his hair felt damp with sweat, he was exhausted. Then Carey kissed him, long and deep and he thought it was finally over. He was wrong.
Carey trailed the wand the length of his body, tapped his balls then pushed the tip against his hole.
“No! No, please, Sir!”
His slick passage accepted all five inches of the wand’s pulsating head with ease. Carey jiggled it slightly then pressed the button that increased its speed. Alistair no longer had the strength to scream. He prayed fervently that he might pass out but wasn’t so fortunate. Carey rotated the wand’s handle ensuring that Alistair’s prostate felt the full benefit.
“I hope you won’t keep anything from me again, Alistair.”
“No, Sir! No… I promise. Please…!”
“Have you had enough?” Carey withdrew the wand slowly only to push it back in.
“Stop! Please, Sir…” Alistair felt the tears rolling down his face.
The wand withdrew and this time it didn’t return. His body was racked with shivers and when Carey began to untie the thongs around his cock and balls he nearly passed out. The orgasm began somewhere at the base of his skull, shot down his spine and exploded from his cock the moment he was released. His entire body spasmed and it felt like his balls were on fire. The exquisitely painful pleasure was finally too much and Alistair collapsed into darkness.

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