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In the spotlight: SJ Knight

A Week In Savannah By: SJ Knight Blog Tour

About the Author
Well there really isn't much to say about me. I am 26 years old and I decided to write as a place to vent and it's turned into so much more. I am often the outspoken one. I am not afraid to offend anyone because the biggest thing about me is I am always honest. I tell it like it is.

There isn't another word in the human language that I hate more than Good-bye. I rarely, if ever say it. It's too permanent. I don't throw the word LOVE around. If, and when I say it to someone I mean it, and I will forever no matter what they do or say to me. I trust to easy and I have a huge heart and that gets me hurt a lot.

I am pushed to do better by everyone who thinks I will never amount to anything. I have already proved them wrong and now I am proving it to myself. I live uncontrollably for the moment and take comfort in spontaneity. Make me laugh and you're my friend.

I want to inspire people and I want to be inspired.

Soundtrack for A Week In Savannah

We all carry these things inside us that no one else can see. They hold us like anchors; they drown us out at sea.

You can run but you can’t hide the past will always find you.

Savannah was a southern belle living in New York chasing her dreams of becoming an editor with her partner in crime and best friend Bree. The two had been inseparable since they first met in grade school. Savannah’s parents divorced when she was sixteen forcing her to pick a home, she decided to get emancipated instead and moved in with Bree and her family.

Everything in her life was perfect, well on the outside anyways. Savannah was hiding a terrible secret that was threatening to destroy everything she had accomplished. Fresh out of a terrible relationship she was ready to finally live but on the night of her twenty-second birthday bumping into one adventurous man would open her eyes to the real her.

Shortly after, tragedy strikes, bringing Savannah’s world and dreams to a screeching halt. The past slams into her like a tidal wave and nothing and no one can stop the spiral she has found herself on. When the man she has grown to love finally throws his hands up and walks out of her life she realizes she is at rock bottom.

She finally decides to get the help she needs and finds a new friend who builds her up and makes her become the woman she should be. But see that past is a sneaky bitch and Savannah won’t get away that easy.

When the man from her past comes screaming into her future Savannah has a decision to make and two people are gonna have their heart broken and one of them was undoubtedly going to be her.

“Well I think we should probably get going. Savannah are you ready?” Bree asks. I know that if I tell her no I am going to get an ear full, so I relent and get up to go with them.

“Thanks for coming to dinner and it was very nice to meet you both,” Sebastian says sliding out his hand to Bree. She doesn’t take it nor does she say anything to him. Carter, reluctantly shakes his hand.

“We will meet you outside Van,” Bree tosses over her shoulder while walking toward the door. Sebastian must sense my anger. 

“What’s wrong?” he asks.

“Why did you have to do that Sebastian? I am trying to show them we are just friends and then you went and messed it all up,” I snap at him as he runs his hand down his face.

“Fuck Savannah. I am your friend okay and I am trying really hard to not be attracted to you, but showing up like that,” He waves his hand up and down my body. “Isn’t making things easy on me. I can’t help that I feel something for you and you shouldn’t care what they think either. If they really care about you they will want you to be happy,” He says before sighing.

“Damn it Sebastian, we talked about this the other night. We are friends nothing more. Nothing is ever going to happen between us. Please figure out if you can deal with that because I can’t deal with anything more right now,” I say annoyed.

He stares at me and I see him hesitate for a second before he steps closer to me. I take a step back but run into the brick wall of the restaurant.  He closes me in by placing both hands on the wall around my head and I can’t breathe or think with him this close. I dart my tongue out to wet my lips. I hear him say “That’s all I needed.” before he crushes his mouth to mine. I cry out from the force of his kiss and he slips his tongue past my lips. My tongue collides with his and they twist together.  I clinch his shirt into my fists to bring him closer to me. I am pressed so hard into the brick wall my back is scraping against the roughness. He presses his tongue deeper into my mouth then pulls back slightly and nips my bottom lip to pull it into his mouth, and then he sucks it slightly. I moan into his open mouth. Abruptly, he breaks the kiss and pushes off the wall breathing deeply.

He pinches my chin between his thumb and fore finger and brings my attention to his eyes. “When you stop wanting me as much as I want you then I’ll stop chasing you. This is going to happen one way or another, stop fighting it darlin,” he says with a smirk.

“I don’t know whether to hit you or kiss you right now,” I whisper.

 “Well I know which one I want and I am pretty sure you want it too.” He rasps to me. I push myself away from the wall with way more grace than I feel I have.

 “Goodbye Sebastian.” I toss as I turn to leave but he calls after me. I whip around and look at him.

“You might want to fix your lip stick if you plan to keep our little secret,” He says with a smirk. “Oh and Savannah, just one more thing, I am gonna tear down that wall you built, even if I have to remove one brick at a time." This time he turns his back and walks out the double doors.

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