Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Reviewer's Corner: Anna Lund

We have the lovely Anna Lund this morning. She's just so awesome. Don't forget to check out her sites!

- Hi! Please tell us a little about yourself.

To sum it up, I read a lot, I translate technical manuals, and then I ride horses. Mostly in that specific order. As I hate numbered bullets (I can never get the formatting to work right with bullets), I took all of them out of this document. That says more about me than anything else, I think.


- Do you remember the first time you joined our Facebook writer-reader community? What book(s) brought you here?

It was actually the format that brought me to Facebook—I was fed up with trying to explain myself in 140 characters on Twitter. Also, all my reviewer buddies were hanging out here, so I thought I’d try it out. When Goodreads blew up in our faces last year, I never looked back.


- Do you also review for a blog?

Yes, I review for My Fiction Nook Nook; we are a bunch of good-natured and serious reviewers. My absolute favorite books also get blogged on my own blog,


- What is the most interesting experience you got so far?

Getting to know one of my favorite authors ever, Cody Kennedy. I feel blessed being a friend. I got to work with Cody over a whole month in August, doing our Author of the Month-feature on My Fiction Nook—that was awesome! ( )


- What genre(s) interest you most? Why?

I mostly read m/m and YA m/m. This is because I am sick and tired of the internalized misogyny that just keeps seeping through in every.single.m/f.romance.story. Sick of it. In m/m the author has to invent a new way of dealing with a couple’s day to day actions, and it doesn’t stink of gender roles. I also enjoy stories for young adults because of the good messages of hope that are usually to be found there.


- Are you also an aspiring author? How far are you with your writing?

I write flash fiction almost every week, at times quite successfully, and I have a novel that is coming along, slowly. It started with the 2013 NaNoWriMo happening, and I hope to whip it into some sort of shape before November 2014, when I am doing the NaNo thing again. It is around 80k words right now, but needs work.


- (Please include any information about your blog/site if there is any.)

I blog something every month, books or happenings, on my own blog and I am reviewing consistently on Booklikes and on My Fiction Nook



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