Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mid Week Tease

It's a bit late for me because I didn't realize this is already Wednesday, the day for our Mid Week Tease! :) Thank you, Sandra Bunino, for arranging this weekly sharing event. I really enjoy it!

This week I'd like to share with you a bit from my short story that will be out on October 12 from Bitten Press. I just can give you such an itty bitty part because the story itself is very short. :D So here we go!

“Hey, I’m sorry, man…”
“And you said you’d call the next day but you didn’t.”
“Oh, were you expecting that? Sorry to disappoint you.”
“Shut up. I’m just so stupid. Get out of my life, okay?”
“Hey, wait. Please, I didn’t mean that. I’m so grateful you want to talk to me.”
“I don’t want to talk to you.”
“Yeah, I know. I mean, thanks for giving me the chance to talk to you. By the way, Ashley…”
“Listen. You sound like a good kid. Why don’t you tell me your name and end all this weirdness?”
“And then we can meet?”
“We’ll see about that.”
“Don’t you want to see me?”

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  1. Interesting. The phone stuff reminds me of a story I read in college. Good luck with your release! :)

  2. Nice tease -- good luck with the release!

  3. This is a very strange conversation. I feel like there is a deeper secret under it.

    1. :)

      There's more to it. :) Thank you for reading!