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In the spotlight: Vicktor Alexander

Asilion and Indio: A Parallel Love Story

Hi everyone! Thank you for sticking with the tour or for just joining me. –bows- I’m very honored to have you with me. I’m also very grateful to Iyana for agreeing to host me for the tour. I’m very happy to be back here again.

I’ve talked a lot about Ronny & Cole during this tour, but there’s another couple in the book whose life is flashed back to every so often, Asilion and Indio. Asilion, one of Adam’s brothers, and one of the first created men, chose Indio to be created as his mate and they spent centuries together. Which sounds amazing to us now since there aren’t many people who live to even be one hundred. However, in Asilion and Indio’s time it wasn’t unheard of, and with them being immortal, or so they thought, Asilion and Indio knew everything there was to know about each other.

While The Beginning is Ronny and Cole’s story, Asilion and Indio are a reflection of this couple from the past and they [Asilion and Indio] have connection to this couple [Cole and Ronny] from the future that isn’t revealed until much later in the book.

One of the best things about writing Asilion and Indio for me was being able to imagine what it would have been like to exist in a time before the luxuries that we have now. I’m a big history nerd and the medieval era is one of my favorite time periods along with the regency era, but B.C.? Before Civilization? Imagining that time period just fascinated me and so being able to write Asilion and Indio, even for a brief time gave me immense pleasure.

Here’s a small excerpt from Asilion and Indio that shows the beauty of this couple’s connection and why I so enjoyed writing them:

3000, B.C.

Asilion walked into the house he shared with his husband Indio and their children and let out a long sigh. He heard the pounding of feet on the packed earth of their floor as his children raced down the hallway towards him. He crouched and held open his arms for them, catching them up in his massive arms, squeezing them tightly, to a chorus of giggling.

“How are my little lamions?” he asked in his deep lion purr that they loved so much.

“Fine, Abba,” both children answered immediately.

Asilion kissed the tops of their heads and put them down on the floor. He looked up and his breath caught in his chest at the sight of his mate. Indio’s long black hair fell to the middle of his back and his dark brown eyes had the glow of love and lust in them that they always held whenever Indio looked at him. Asilion was still as in love with his mate as he had been the day Indio had been created for him. They had their children in spurts. Now they had about eight children, the oldest six were out helping Noah and his sons finish the work on the ark, but their youngest two, Rasil and Indionia, were too young to contribute any help on the large structure. Knowing how their parents behaved whenever they first saw each other every day, both kids ran back to their rooms when Asilion stepped forward to take Indio in his arms.

“Welcome home, mate,” Indio said.

Asilion let out a growl of pleasure and buried his face in the other man’s hair. The intoxicating scent of Indio exploded over Asilion’s senses and he let out another growl. Licking a line up the side of Indio’s neck, Asilion let the taste of his mate flavor his tongue.

“Lion.” Indio’s voice was breathless and Asilion’s lion let out a rumble or pride that he was able to turn on Indio so effortlessly.

“Yes, my mate?” Asilion asked.

“The children are still awake,” Indio pointed out.

“And what is your point?”

Asilion’s voice was deep with lust and he nipped the side of Indio’s neck. The other man let out a bleat of surprise and happiness and Asilion smiled. His mate was a lamb shifter and they were often referred to as “The Lion & The Lamb” among other shifters. Asilion just laughed at the nicknames and gave his friends a show of shifting into his lion whenever they referred to him as such.

“My point is that the children are still awake and we can’t get into anything really hot and heavy right now,” Indio said even as he pressed himself closer to Asilion’s lips that were currently nibbling up the column of his neck.

Asilion growled in frustration and pulled away. “Why did we have so many children again?”

Indio let out a laugh that sounded like tinkling bells and Asilion was fascinated by the sound, as he always was. His mate was not only beautiful, he was a breath of fresh air in a time fraught with tension from the Supreme Beings and their neighbors around them. It was hard on them, having to pretend to be cousins out in public and telling the humans that their children were actually orphans. Being two men in love with each other was not acceptable, however.

“Because you keep getting me pregnant,” Indio said with a smile before he pushed away from Asilion and walked over to the table that sat in the middle of the family resting room.

Asilion stood for a minute and watched as his mate cleaned up before he let out a sigh and went to help him. They could talk while they cleaned. “Noah’s sons are a rambunctious bunch,” he said after a moment of silently cleaning.

Indio turned to look at him, a question in his eyes. Asilion knew that his mate was wondering about the random topic and he struggled to put his suspicions into words.

“Japheth and Shem are fine men. Upstanding men of integrity, but Ham? There is something about him. He makes me uneasy,” Asilion said.

Indio turned towards Asilion fully and put a hand on his arm. “Why? Has he done something or said something to make you feel this way?” he asked with confusion.

Asilion shook his head. “No, but he looks at his father in a very disturbing way.”

“In what way?” Indio asked.

Asilion sighed and felt the disgust and the disbelief running through his system at the things he’d seen earlier that day. “He looks at his father the same way I look at you,” he told his mate and saw the moment that Indio understood what he was trying to say.

“Really, Lion? But that is his father!” Indio said.

Asilion nodded. “Exactly.”

They both grew quiet and Asilion was lost in the memory of earlier that day when Noah had bent over to pick up a plank of wood and Ham had stopped working to stare at his father’s ass. Asilion had been surprised at first, but, after a moment, he’d just been disgusted. He didn’t want to make an accusation against his nephew if there was a logical reason, but, at the same time, he was a father himself and the thought of one of his own children looking at him that way made him angry, and… violated.

“Should I say something?” Asilion asked.

Indio looked introspective for a moment before shaking his head. “No. You do not really have any proof that Ham has any inappropriate desires for his father. You do not want to rock the boat if there is no reason to do so,” Indio pointed out.
Asilion nodded. “You are right,” he said and leaned forward to kiss Indio’s forehead. “So, what’s for dinner?”

The Beginning is available for purchase from The Rooster & The Pig Publishing: http://www.roosterandpigpublishing.com/new-releases and available for pre-order from third party sites like ARe, Bookstrand, KOBO, etc. where it will be available on the 24th.

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  1. Wow, that was intriguing. Definately gonna have to get this book.

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    1. LOL. Well if you stick with the tour you might win it one of these weeks Lee!

  3. I'm loving the book, oh and the blog tour too.

  4. I purchased the book from your publisher site and I love it. So good! Thanks for all of the behind the scenes info and excerpts!

    1. You are so welcome! And I'm so glad that you loved the book. That gives me a happy!

  5. Another great excerpt and I liked seeing different characters who are just as intriguing and steamy together! Loving following the tour thus far and will be sad when it ends!

    1. Thanks Jody! Yeah Asilion and Indio were awesome to right and I loved how they paralleled Cole and Ronny so perfectly. I'm going to be sad when the tour ends as well!

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    1. Well I hope you enjoy it when you finally do read the book and that the wait is worth it!