Monday, March 24, 2014

Celebrate with Me! Giveaway

March 24, 2013, was a very important date for me for it was the first time my work got published. Silver Publishing accepted my short story, Just a Little Unwell, and I was so, so excited. Things have been crazy ever since. More stories were accepted and published by other publishers, I found lots and lots of friends, and I started doing what I've never imagined before, marketing my work. Thank you so much for everyone who's been with me in this roller-coaster ride. I'll never forget all your help and support.

To celebrate this happy day, and my page's 1,000+ likes, I will have a giveaway for international participants. I will give away a cover postcard for the following titles besides a gift card and a collection of my e-books. I hope you all take part!

Luca Fiore loses his husband while expecting their child. The only thing left on Luca’s mind is to end his life.

Going home late from work, Ethan James spots someone standing at the edge of the bridge. Knowing what was about to take place, Ethan jumps out of the car, fully intent on stopping a man from killing himself.

As Alpha, Ethan hasn't mated. He never expected to fall for a pregnant omega, but a single look at Luca and Ethan knows he'll never want anybody else. He just has to wait for the right time to claim Luca as his.


Stay-at-home dad Taylor MacLean chose his life knowing he could rely on the trust fund from his rich grandmother. He didn’t have to work a day in his life. He preferred to take care of his baby daughter Janine and, when he was not busy changing diapers, he would get down to his art studio.

After finishing college, Jamie Selkirk followed his dream to be a photographer. Now working for a famous fashion magazine, Jamie spent more and more of his time away from Taylor and Janine, his husband and daughter. can the couple learn to put each other first before their marriage begins to crumble?


When actor Sean O’Reilly receives a flower bouquet containing a single black rose on set, he assumes they’re from his boyfriend Nate. But they aren’t. Flowers keep arriving for him after that, each with a black rose in the arrangement. Soon other things arrive as well, such as photos and a recording of Sean’s voice. As the number of flowers dwindle with each bouquet, Sean begins to worry they’re supposed to be some kind of a countdown ... but to what?

Fan Gene Scott worships Sean. He maintains a blog dedicated to the actor and writes out all his fantasies there. He wants Sean to belong to him, and only him, and he’ll do anything to make the actor his own. He can’t accept the fact that Sean has a boyfriend. To Gene, Nate might as well not exist.

Despite increased security and all efforts to keep him safe, Sean vanishes, and Nate feels as if his world has come tumbling down. When the police response is too slow for him, Nate enlists the help of his producer and bodyguard to find Sean. Will he manage to find his lover before Sean disappears forever? Or will Gene finally get what he’s always dreamed of, and make Sean the love of his life, instead?


Being insecure isn’t good for Parker Williams’ image as an indie movie actor, but he can’t help it. He seems to forget that he snatched an Oscar from the one hit movie he made, and he keeps comparing himself with the success of his boyfriend Declan, who is a blockbuster star. Things get worse when Parker sees how close Declan is to his sexy costar, Ryan Dexter.

Parker thinks he’s no match for Ryan and leaves without confronting Declan. When he disappears, a worried Declan tries to contact him without result. Then he finds Parker’s cell phone, left behind at the house, and Declan doesn’t know what to do. Should he let Parker go and turn to Ryan for comfort? Is his relationship with Ryan only onscreen, or is there something more between the two leading men? Or is Parker really the star of Declan's heart?


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Here's to another fun and great year! *toasts*

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  1. I am so proud of you, Iyana. Congratulations on this anniversary! Hugs your way, Paul

  2. Congrats Iyana. :)

  3. Congratulations, Iyana! Here's to many more books!

    1. Thank you so much, Kiru. To you too! :D

  4. Wow. So many books in just a year. Well done, Iyana.