Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lucky in Love Blog Hop

When it happened to him, Aleich wouldn't call himself lucky. How could it be? Being kidnapped by a giant spider wouldn't be considered being lucky in anyone's book. But soon he found out that he was lucky. The spider did it--no matter how wicked it sounded--totally out of love. Aleich didn't have to question that. He had the evidence right before his very eyes.

Check out the following excerpt and decide for yourself if Aleich is lucky. ;)

“Dear Gyrod’s gods—”
Bryn cut him short as he repeated his action, and this time it was followed by a series of hard fucks. Bryn pistoned in and out of him and Aleich gasped and panted. Beads of sweat rolled out of every single pore on his body. Aleich felt filthier than he already had, but only on the outside. He’d never felt this good before and the rock-hard cock in his ass felt even better. His own member swelled even without being touched. Aleich fucked and pumped into the air with the same rhythm as Bryn jerked inside him. He grunted and groaned.
“I want to come. Please, may I come?”
Bryn breathed heavily above him. “Come, my love. Please.”
Aleich shouted into the walls as he shot his load heavenward, squeezing his ass in the process. Bryn clutched his hips in a punishing grip and he roared as he burst his release out into Aleich’s
channel. Aleich felt strings of Bryn’s cum streaming inside him and he just lay there, savoring all of them.

Aleich and Bryn are the characters in my short story, Spider Prince, which is included in My Bloody Valentine Anthology from Breathless Press. Want to know more about Aleich's story? :D

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  1. Great choice of the excerpt . I think Luck might be on his side.

  2. Oh my. That was a very hot excerpt. I think he's lucky, indeed.

  3. Great excerpt :) Love it when luck appears out the most unlikely of circumstances x

  4. Hmmmm, who knew spiders could be so sexy?

  5. *blinks* My, that is one very tasty excerpt! Bryn's a spider? Oh my....

  6. I think so too. :) Thank you, Decadent!

  7. You're right about luck. :) Thank you!

  8. :D He is a spider, I guess. :)

    Thank you!