Friday, March 7, 2014

Writing Process Blog Hop

I'm a bit delayed with this post due to RL job and other things. This post is a part of Writing Process Blog Hop that has been around for a while. I was tagged by my fellow Evernight author, SJ Maylee. Please visit her post for this hop here. You will be taken to more posts by other authors.

So, what's this post about? Well, basically it's about authors offering others a glimpse into their work, their work schedules, and their thoughts on writing. There are some questions that I will try to answer, so please bear with me. :)

On to the questions...

Q: What am I working on?

A: Right now I'm writing my second shifter story. It's about a teacher and his student. If any of you remember, some day in February I posted the pictures of the characters. Well, not the real characters. I borrowed some pictures from my FB friends and made them my muse. Here they are. (Credits to the pictures belong to the respective owners.)

In this story, Dominic Wolfe, as shown by his name, is a wolf shifter. He is a math teacher and he begins to suspect there is something wrong with Daryl when the kid comes to school with a black eye.

Daryl Hoffs is a bear shifter. His parents died and now he lives with his stepfather, who is not a good guy.

I can't talk more about the story as I haven't finished it. I'm always such a slow writer. It's in about 14K right now.

Q: How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I write mostly short stories. The longest I wrote so far are novellas. I really want to be able to write a full novel but as it is now, I write very slowly and other things I do make my life quite hectic. My dream will be having my very own printed novels. :)

Now these short stories of mine, they are mostly sweet adult romance. To be honest, I'm a bit ... awkward when writing NC-17 scenes. I'm learning, though. ;)

Q: Why do I write what I do?

I've fallen in love with m/m genre since the first time I encountered that kind of stories. I think it's totally adorable to read about two men who love each other. I love reading and I have a lot of novels from all kinds of genres, but that was before I knew about m/m, all I can read right now.

Q: How does your writing process work?

I usually come up with some kind of a summary for a new story I begin writing. Then I write more elaborate summary, but it's not an outline. It's not that I'm a pantser, it's more that if I write too detailed outlines, it'd wear me out already even before I begin my story. Well, I don't have a detailed outline written out, but I have it in my head so I still know where I'm going with my story.

I mostly write in my cell phone before transferring it to the computer. I guess computer has too much distraction although I can always get distracted by the Internet with my cell phone, too. I don't know. Maybe it's just that when I type down words in my cell, I get more focused.

Q: Who will we meet next?

Please welcome TN Tarrant on March 12 when she will share with you her insights on writing.

And HERE is Tammy Middleton's post. I tagged her, too! It's such a wonderful post, and she has a giveaway.

Thank you so much for reading!