Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mid Week Tease: A Home for Jesse

Ooh, I'm a bit late for Mid Week Tease! I hope it's okay. Thank you, Sandra Bunino, for organizing the weekly hop. I can't wait to visit other bloggers. You should do, too! Please check out this list to go to other blogs!

For this week, I share with you an excerpt from my upcoming release from JMS Books, A Home for Jesse, an m/m romance.

Trey gets out of his car and slowly closes the door behind him. Jason—who was he kidding? Those sleepy green eyes, curled lips—Trey has been aware of them since the first day he laid eyes on Jesse. Luckily, he has a habit of keeping track of the birthdays of everyone in the set. A little stretch when it comes to Jesse will not make anyone suspicious. So far he has found out: Jesse’s name, of course, his birthday, where he comes from, what he likes (chocolate and strawberry), and the fact that he’s too pretty to be an extra
Trey sighs and tosses the car keys on the kitchen table. He can lie and tell himself that he saw something in Jesse’s eyes when he greeted him just now. Jesse always seems serious and reserved and only changes when he is immersed in his role, whether he’s playing a clerk in Farmer’s Market or a customer in the diner. Trey can tell when Jesse’s acting—not that he always pays attention to the man. Oh no, not at all. It’s Jesse, really, who keeps stealing glances at him, but then how would he know if he didn’t—
Trey slides down the wall, throwing his head back, letting it go thud. His hand roams over his chest and his eyes squeeze shut.
Oh, Jesse,” he moans. “Jess…” He rolls the name on his tongue, liking the feel of it. “Jesse. Jess. Jessie.”
His hand travels south and soon it finds the heart of his pleasure. Trey’s eyes roll up, he whimpers behind clamped lips—his hand gets more and more frantic, when suddenly…

Hope you like it! ♥


  1. Wow! That's a tease! Thanks for joining in again this week, Iyana!

  2. NOW that REALLY is a tease, Love it...

  3. Now that's how you end a teaser! LOL

  4. I got right into this scene. I love the way he says Jesse in so many different ways.