Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Inkslingers Sweet Retweet Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog post for The Inkslinger Sweet Retweet Blog Hop and thank you for Joleen Naylor for hosting it. In this sweet month of February, I'd like to share with you my short stories that will be released in this month. The first is What Lies Beneath from Torquere Press, and the second is My Bloody Valentine, a Valentine Day's anthology from Breathless Press with my story in it.


Dylan's hand shakes a little as he dips it into the bucket of chocolate and begins spreading it on Jarrett's skin. It feels smooth and soft but with an unyielding hardness beneath it. Dylan rubs his hand slowly over Jarrett's hardening nipples, eliciting a small moan from Jarrett, making Dylan blush. He can hear the catcalls from the crowd, but it's like they're coming from somewhere else, as if he and Jarrett are completely alone.

Dylan dips his hand into the chocolate again and looks up at Jarrett, wordlessly asking for permission. There's only one part he hasn't done yet, and that's-- Jarrett's breathing seems to get heavier. And it hitches when Dylan finally lays his hand on him.

Sweat breaks on Dylan's forehead, and his hand seems to move of its own volition, pushing the tiny Speedo aside, exposing Jarrett, stroking and flicking, feeling the warmth of Jarrett, adoring how strong and solid he is, worshipping him.



Huh? Aleich wheezed as his flight was utterly ruined. He was snared. Fine threads of spiderweb were all over his body, winding around his ankles and wrists, stretching his limbs, and impeding all movement or chance to flee. It felt as though the strands were alive, groping intimately over his face and tightening seductively around his waist.
Aleich was frantic as he heard Ghaelt, the eight-legged beast, inch toward him. He tried to twist around, but his attempts only made the bonds tighter. Aleich's feet barely touched the ground, hampering his attempt to kick around the spot where he thought his belongings lay. He had never felt so helpless and exposed—when even glancing to his sides was impossible.


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