Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Release: My Bloody Valentine

Squeee! I'm so happy. Today is the release day of My Bloody Valentine Anthology from Breathless Press. I can't say how proud and happy I am to be a part of this project with all these amazing authors! And thank you so much, Kristen Pavka, our editor, and Victoria Miller, the artist extraordinaire! :) My story is Spider Prince and I hope you all like it!


Unable to control himself, the monster spider, Ghaelt, caught Aleich in his web. Ghaelt soon found himself falling for unconscious captive. Trying to be careful, Ghaelt couldn't resist the temptation; but then Aleich woke up.


Ghaelt gently severed the cords from around his captive’s arms and legs, while making sure he was not slammed onto the hard ground. With his many limbs, Ghaelt caught each of the appendages, spreading him out in the air. One of his legs hooked around the unconscious man’s waist and then Ghaelt started to move.

Deeper and deeper he went into the cavern inside the rocky mound separating Bankunt and Garness Plain. Ghaelt crawled noiselessly, once in a while halting to listen for this lovely fellow’s faint breathing before grunting in contentment and proceeding. He moved faster, carrying his prisoner with only two hind legs. With his other six, he limped lightly down into his lair.


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Check out our stories and Happy Valentine to you all!

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  1. That sounds really good.

  2. Lots of great talent involved! Can't wait to read it!! Hope you have great success with the book!!

    1. Thank you! And thank you for stopping by. :)

  3. Way cool, sounds awesome Pamela Pelaam-One

  4. Sounds awesome!!!!