Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Mid Week Tease: My Bloody Valentine

Ah, here we are again with our weekly little tease. :) Let me share with you a pinch from my story, Spider Prince, from My Bloody Valentine Anthology.

Warning: m/m explicit sex

Bryn cradled his own arousal. “You want this?”
Aleich moaned. He stretched his arms above his head and bucked his hips.
“Say please.”
“Then your wish shall be granted.”
Bryn moved fast—slipping into him in one smooth thrust and staying there. Aleich’s groan was trapped in his throat. Now he truly felt full. It felt so good.
Bryn stayed still for a couple of seconds before he pulled back slowly and slammed back inside. Aleich bucked hard, moaning loudly.
“Dear Gyrod’s gods—”
Bryn cut him short as he repeated his action, and this time it was followed by a series of hard fucks. Bryn pistoned in and out of him and Aleich gasped and panted. Beads of sweat rolled out of every single pore on his body. Aleich felt filthier than he already had, but only on the outside. He’d never felt this good before and the rock-hard cock in his ass felt even better. His own member swelled even without being touched. Aleich fucked and pumped into the air with the same rhythm as Bryn jerked inside him. He grunted and groaned.


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