Saturday, February 1, 2014

Seductive Sirens and Studs: Misunderstandings

Welcome, everyone, to this week's Seductive Studs and Sirens Blog Hop. Today I present you an excerpt from my latest release, Misuderstandings, from JMS Books. Don't forget to check out other excerpts from amazing authors on this blog hop!


“Put these to better use,” Declan growled, shaking Parker’s forearms a little; the huskiness of his voice sent shivers down Parker’s spine, making his groin twitch.

“Declan,” Parker whimpered, attempting to twist his wrists away from the prison of Declan’s fingers, to no avail. Oh, this wasn’t good. Parker was grateful to be in the water so no one would notice if he burst off right then and there.

Thankfully Declan seemed to sense Parker’s predicament. He hauled him off the water.

“To the room. Now.” There was that growl again. Parker shivered.


Being insecure isn’t good for Parker Williams’ image as an indie movie actor, but he can’t help it. He seems to forget that he snatched an Oscar from the one hit movie he made, and he keeps comparing himself with the success of his boyfriend Declan, who is a blockbuster star. Things get worse when Parker sees how close Declan is to his sexy costar, Ryan Dexter.

Parker thinks he’s no match for Ryan and leaves without confronting Declan. When he disappears, a worried Declan tries to contact him without result. Then he finds Parker’s cell phone, left behind at the house, and Declan doesn’t know what to do. Should he let Parker go and turn to Ryan for comfort? Is his relationship with Ryan only onscreen, or is there something more between the two leading men? Or is Parker really the star of Declan's heart?


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  1. Whew...surprised there's any water left in the pool. This is positively steaming.

  2. Okay that's not fair. You stopped THERE? Aw man. Gonna have to go check out this series!

  3. Damn! You have me shivering too.

  4. Wow, sounds hot, I love love triangles!

    1. Oh yes, me too! :D

      Thank you so much, Morticia!

  5. wow! amazingly hot! I love how Declan cares for Parker :)

  6. Ooh, nice one! Gotta love that growl. I hope you'll share a little more of this story. :)

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I might share more. :)

  7. I'm with Charley - looking forward to more! Nothing like a growl of a command to send shivers down... everywhere :P